ZTE Nubia Play 128GB,8GB RAM

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6.65 inches Display
128GB, 8GB RAM
48MP Camera
Snapdragon 765G Processor

The whole system is 144Hz, which is faster than fast!

Nubia Play has a host-level 144Hz screen refresh rate, as fast as 6.9 milliseconds per frame computing time. The
6.65-inch large screen uses advanced AMOLED display materials, equipped with self-developed (Touch Choreographer) TC game frame insertion technology, and
cooperates with DCI-P3 The wide color gamut allows you to enjoy the visual feast.

complete! Pure flat!
Just for a better gaming experience!

Missed the enemy in the game and regretted losing? Does the alien screen affect the game operation?
Nubia Play rejects notch screens, digging screens, and curved waterfall screens, and uses a complete and pure large screen to bring a better look and feel, just for a better gaming experience.

Touch Choreographer
game frame insertion technology

nubia Play’s in-game frame rate compensation technology, To ensure the stability of the game screen, players can enjoy the rapid experience brought by the high refresh rate screen.

Futuristic And Progressive Starlight Design Concept

Fascinating light and shadow, changing lines nubia Play outline the sense of technology and layering of the product with concise light in the design language; futuristic comes, like a dream come true, like a meteor passing by.

ICE2.5 rack-mounted liquid cooling multiple heat dissipation, continuous high performance

Nubia Play is equipped with ICE2.5 multiple heat dissipation system, equipped with 61mm liquid cooling tube, and has a variety of heat dissipation materials such as thermal graphite, thermal gel, etc., which can cool the CPU by 16 degrees Celsius, To ensure continuous high-performance output and bring a better gaming experience.

5G dual-mode SA/NSA
5G+AI dual-engine drive

Equipped with the second-generation 5G modem and radiofrequency system, the downlink rate is as high as 3.7Gbps, millimeter wave is supported, and NSA & SA networks are supported. Large-scale game HD movies can be downloaded quickly and enjoyable experience.

5100mAh large battery
Meet your demanding battery life needs

While maintaining a thin and light body, a large battery of up to 5100mAh is inserted, with a 30W PD fast charging solution, to enjoy the battery life experience!

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